Welcome to a New World — Project Kyzen Phase 2.0 is live!

Founders Key
3 min readSep 27, 2023

The next step in Borderless Entertainment

Tom Bilyeu’s vision for Project Kyzen can be summed up as Borderless Entertainment, where seamless experiences will exist, that is no longer tethered to your PC or console, but can cross from in-game, to the real world via AR and VR, and back into the game. These interconnected experiences will become hyper-personalized depending on the digital assets that you have in your wallet, meaning what you see may not be the same as what your friends experience. Phase 2.0 is the next step in Impact Theory’s Borderless Entertainment journey!

What is Kyzen Phase 2.0?

The long-awaited drop of Phase 2.0 sees players take their Avatar inside the world of Project Kyzen! Prepare to explore a world like no other, meet characters, complete quests, uncover Kyzen lore and level up to learn more loot!

Play with friends or go solo, the choice is yours with three different game modes:

  • Public — Join a public instance where anyone can play.
  • Private Solo — Want the world to yourself? This is your private room!
  • Private Multiplayer — Create a public instance with a password so you can share it with your friends to play!

Looking for people to play with, why not hop into Discord first and see who fancies a game?

Top Tip — tap the [ \ ] key to activate the in-game chat feature and you’ll see options in the bottom left corner allowing you to choose the desired chat channel. Check out the Wiki for more tips!

Build your Avatar’s backstory!

You can now create your Avatar’s profile and lore inside the Avatar Engine. Get original and name your avatar, think up its Home Instance and write your backstory! If you’ve got writer’s block why not try Chat-GPT to get your creative juices flowing?

Can’t wait to get inside Kyzen — check out the trailer and some of the recent art!

Need Help?

Can’t crack the puzzles or uncover the clues, then jump into the Impact Theory Discord and see if the community can help!

If you’ve got an issue or discover a bug then please open a support ticket in Discord and fill out the bug report form.

If you’ve got more general feedback on the game, drop it into the Feedback and Ideas channel in Discord. We love hearing your ideas and we review them all and any killer ones, we add to the backlog and prioritised.

Kyzen System Requirements

Project Kyzen is powered by Unreal Engine 5, so make sure your computer meets the UE5 system requirements to fully enjoy the experience. Whilst we’ve made every effort to create phase 2 on the Mac OS, you’re more likely to encounter issues or bugs as Macs are not opitimised for gaming. You can also check out more info on the Wiki about the requirements.

What are you waiting for? Create Yourself and Prepare to Enter!

Before you can enter the Kyzen game world, you’ve got to download Project Kyzen, and create your Avatar which requires a Soul. Follow these steps to get going:



Founders Key

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