Team Up With Us: Let’s Build Kyzen Together!

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2 min readOct 5, 2023

Phase 2.0 has been out for a little over a week and we’ve seen many of you exploring the Array, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets!

Now, we want to hear what you think about Phase 2.0, the highlights, the tricky bits, and everything in between — we’re here for it. And as always if you’ve got ideas for what you’d love to see included in upcoming phases, throw them our way!

By taking a few minutes to complete this Feedback Survey, you can help shape how Project Kyzen is built!

Community Highlight: The Map of the Array by Wa-ya Aeon!

Shout out to Wa-ya Aeon for not only creating a detailed map of the Kyzen world, but also showing us how he did it! We love seeing the community get creative and this was no exception, and so we’re sending you a brand new Kyzen outfit, congrats!

View the Map Here

If you’ve got creations or insights of your own, don’t be shy! Who knows? You might be our next community highlight! 🌟

Wrapped Up: The Kyzen Community Gameplay Trailer Contest

A huge shout-out to everyone that participated in the Kyzen gameplay contest! The Community team will be busy judging the entries over the next few days, based on originality, quality, and those jaw-dropping visual and sound effects.

Keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned for the results, with one lucky winner walking away with an ultra rare one-of-two Kyzen helmet, and the second and third place runners up will bag a couple of Answered Prayers K.R8Z!

Don’t forget to log any bugs or issues!

It’s never been easier to log any issues that you’ve encountered whilst playing Kyzen, so if you run into something not quite right when playing Kyzen, take a minute to complete the bug form, this helps us massively identify and resolve issues!

New to Kyzen?

It’s easy to get involved — follow these simple steps, and if you’ve got a question, head over to the Wiki or hit a CM up in the Discord!

Be sure to drop us a follow X (Twitter) and IG!



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