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  • “It’s different, and it’s better.”
  • Not about short-term hype but long-term focus on story and technological innovation.
  • We’re pushing the envelope on what a PFP project is — namely something you can change whenever you want.
  • In the avatar creation flow, there will be very fun puzzles that let you earn XP and level up to get free items.
  • Build, mint and pose your avatar and take your PFP photo as an NFT.
  • We’re built on IMX so everything is gas-free.
  • Longevity! Dynamic engagement!
  • What we’re building is a platform, a gateway to help foster your creativity!

And what a talented community it is! Check out these winners of your Short Story & Art Contests!

  • 1st prize — Ono (link to story) — $500 Amazon gift card
  • 2nd prize — Kassandre — $200 Amazon gift card
  • 3rd prize — 0mnipotent — $50 Amazon gift card
  • 1st prize — Eli Makani — $500 Amazon gift card
  • 2nd prize — Mr Smoke — $200 Amazon gift card
  • 3rd prize — Art by Sara — $50 Amazon gift card
View the Annvil Video on Twitter
View the Mach Video on Twitter
View the Flexx Video on Twitter


  • Summer Signage Subway Stationside! Look who Amazon chose as one of their featured summer reads!!! RadCon in New York Frikin City! Congratulations Lisa!
  • And THANK YOU, readers! Have YOU left your radical review yet at Amazon? Good or bad, we wanna read your TRUTHS! You are helping other people realize that Radical Confidence can change their life like it has for these fine folks,
  • Legendary and Heroic Founders Key holders get free access
  • Relentless Key holders get 50% off their ITU subscription
  • July 28 — How to Think and Act Like Your Potential is Limitless
  • August 11 — How to Choose a Killer Business Idea
  • August 25 — The Physics of Progress
  • September 12 — Impact 90 Challenge


  • Keyholding has its privileges and we are pleased to soon announce the inaugural brands in our “Partner Perks” program. Come back here next week for the special offers, and watch for more partner offers in the weeks ahead.
  • San Diego Comic-Con is quickly approaching. We hope you can join us there next week. Come visit our booth! We will have a special Merry Modz “Christmas in July” themed par-tay on Saturday July 23rd (12pm-2pm). Tom will be at the booth on Saturday and Sunday, and so will the POAPs! Don’t miss out!
  • Do you have friends and family new to Web3? Tom has been helping everybody get up this rocky-but-exciting learning curve with our WEB3U program, and our popular IT YouTube channel features a special Crypto Playlist. Be curious, be cautious, be legendary.

SPECIAL THANKS to our beloved ITFK Community! And to @Sparkes {Rosie} !! Thank you for taking the initiative to do community led twitterspaces to talk about Radical Confidence and focusing on getting to know your fellow community members. You also are a continual positive force in the community, spending so much time being uplifting and helpful to all those around you.

Head on over to Twitter (Impact Theory, Project Kyzen, and Founders Key) or our Discord server to ensure you’re up to date. Follow @lisabilyeu & @tombilyeu on Instagram!

ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of @impact_theory.

We are the new House of Ideas. Grab a Key and open the door.



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Founders Key

Founders Key

Official account for the Founders Key by Tom Bilyeu. ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of Impact Theory. We are the new House of Ideas. Open the door.