Outer Edge LA: Tom on Blockchain, AI, and Project Kyzen!

Founders Key
2 min readMar 31, 2023

Hyper-Personalized Gaming Experiences

Tom emphasized the potential for Borderless Entertainment within Project Kyzen, where seamless experiences will exist, that are no longer tethered to your PC or console, but can cross from in game, to the real world via AR and VR, and back into the game. These interconnected experiences will also become hyper-personalized depending on the digital assets that you have in your wallet, meaning what you see may not be the same as what your friends experience.

This will allow players to have more nuanced and personal interactions with NPCs, which will be able to recall your previous actions. This personalization will result in a more immersive gaming experience, as AI will enable characters in the game to generate unique conversational responses based on the player’s previous actions.

Living Worlds in Project Kyzen

Tom also discussed the idea of “living worlds” within Project Kyzen, which using Unreal Engine, can respond and adapt in real-time, both to individual players and the broader gaming community. This creates a dynamic and evolving environment that can keep players engaged for longer periods. For the blockchain to reach its full potential, it’s crucial for game developers to focus on creating experiences that are both different and better than what is currently offered by Web 2.0 games, and not by just shoving NFTs into existing games. By taking advantage of AI and blockchain technologies, developers can create unique gaming experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming!

Harnessing Community Power for Immersive Gaming

The power of gaming communities has long been understood, but previously communities have been divided, but blockchain technology and digital assets means that alliances between different projects and gaming communities can be formed. The Blockchain enables games to acknowledge digital assets from other communities and games outside of their own, and now games can foster a sense of unity and collaboration that transcends individual projects.

It’s time for the developers and creators to embrace the potential of new technologies and strive to create something truly different and better. By looking at the current technological landscape and its future, gaming experience will be more immersive, engaging, and revolutionary. This is Borderless Entertainment!

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