Project Kyzen Update — Special Announcement incoming!

Founders Key
2 min readSep 9, 2023

Kyzen x 0N1 Force X (Twitter) Spaces next week!!

Mark your calendars for 4PM (PT) September 14 for a special announcement as Tom Bilyeu is joined by Henry Finn, CEO of 0N1 Force on the Kyzen X Spaces at!

Within the 0N1VERSE, the Ethereal Enclave, is an endless city, and it is the place where the 0N1 call home. For what was eternity the 0N1 lived peacefully until abruptly The Shift, a cataclysmic event, thrust the Enclave into chaos.

Now the 7,777 0N1, with a new found Strength, Style, and Spirit, must reclaim their protective Nano Suits, and restore balance to the Ethereal Enclave. Check out more of the 0N1 lore here.

Did you get your Kyzen Phase 2 Airdrops?

We took the snapshot of keyholders on August 24th, and those eligible keyholders that were connected to IMX will have received their phase 2 airdrops!

Divine Chance Outfit

Who got the airdrops?

  • Legendary Holders, you received two dope new outfits!
  • Keyholders who held their key at the phase 1 snapshot on April 13 but weren’t connected to IMX. You bagged a Soul along with the K.R8Z you’d have received from burning your Jump Tokens.
  • Keyholders that purchased a key after the phase 1 snapshot, got a Soul so that you can create and mint your Avatar.

If you were eligible but didn’t connect to IMX, we’re giving you a final chance, and will retry the failed airdrops on 9.22.23. If you miss it again, you’ll miss out!

Arrayder Outfit

New to Kyzen?

It’s easy to get involved — follow these simple steps, and if you’ve got a question, head over to the Wiki or hit a CM up in the Discord!

Be sure to drop us a follow X (Twitter) and IG!



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