Founders Key
3 min readAug 24, 2023

Make sure you’re paying attention over the next few weeks!

The ITFK wallet snapshot is tonight!

Get ready for the launch of the Kyzen world in September!! The snapshot of wallets that hold an ITFK takes place at midnight tonight (PT), to determine who is eligible to receive the Kyzen Phase 2 launch airdrops!

The following groups will bag an airdrop so long as they’re connected to IMX!

  • Legendary Holders: Brace yourselves! We’ve got a bonus or two or you!
  • Keyholders who held at the phase snapshot on April 13 but weren’t connected to IMX connections, we gotchu! A Soul is heading your way, along with the K.R8Z you’d have snagged from burning those Jump Tokens. Noob move, but we forgive you!
  • Nabbed a key after the phase 1 snapshot, then you’ll get a Soul, so you can mint your Avatar and enter the world on September X 2023. (Not a chance we’d give the launch date away like that?!)

Airdrops start on September 8, so make sure you’ve connected to IMX or you’ll miss out!!

#KyzenCaption Contest Ends this Friday!

We’ve already dropped Post #1 & Post #2 — it’s too late to win the prize but not too late to go and Like and Retweet to throw your support behind Project Kyzen!! Tomorrow is the last chance to win one of the Tier 7 items, with Annvil’s Gold head item up grabs! What better way to flex inside of Kyzen than with a 1/25 item!!

It’s simple :

  • The image will be posted to X tomorrow at 9am (PT)
  • Give some love with a Like, then amplify it with a Repost!
  • Hit reply, drop your coolest caption & tag @ProjectKyzen
  • Don’t forget to hashtag it — #KyzenCaption — within 24 hrs of the post!

Play fair! T&Cs apply.

Kyzen Home Instance Art Comp: And the Winners Are…!

We’ve been glued to our screens, jaws on the floor, mind-blown by the AI-crafted masterpieces and Kyzen Avatar lore you’ve been dropping! To say you guys killed it is, the understatement of the century. Straight-up EPIC creativity and storytelling!

So, let’s get to it and find out our winners:

Prize: Exclusive Kyzen Capsule Outfit from Phase 2, baby!!

Prize: Double the blessings with Answered Prayers K.R8Z x1!

Prize: Bag yourself an Answered Prayers K.R8Z x1!

Massive props to our champs and a huge shoutout to EVERYONE who joined the fun! Y’all are the heartbeat of this lit community.

Stay tuned, fam! The grind never stops. GET ready to bring the heat with the next Caption Contest dropping tomorrow!

New to Kyzen?

It’s easy to get involved — follow these simple steps, and if you’ve got question head over to the Wiki or hit a CM up in the Discord!

Be sure to drop us a follow X (Twitter) and IG!



Founders Key

Official account for the Founders Key by Tom Bilyeu. ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of Impact Theory. We are the new House of Ideas. Open the door.