In this issue we celebrate our ITFK & ITU Communities — the true Heroes of the Impact Theory empowerment mission. Oh, and we introduce you to one yuletide yukky of a Villain.

Are YOU braced for Impact? Here is your latest and greatest across the ecosystem:


The Impact Theory Discord is evolving and shifting focus from just Web3 to Impact Theory’s community hub of empowerment.

You told us what the community means to you and now we’re launching our new Community Vision and Mission:


We want to become the most empowering community on earth. Our goal is to help you build your growth mindset, develop your passion, pursue your purpose and level up in life!


Help people connect with others that embrace the empowering ideas from Impact Theory’s content and stories, so we can thrive and grow together to have a positive impact on our lives and become the best versions of ourselves!

You’ll also see some other changes in the Discord including:

Head over to Discord for more info on these changes, and how you can make the most of your time to level up!


Join @TomBilyeu for the next Project Update Call!

When: Friday, November 11th @ 11:00AM PT

Where: Event-Room Stage within the Impact Theory Discord

Legendary #ITFK Holders — The Legendary Call will be right after @ 11:30AM PT!


This is an important reminder — You must link your wallet(s) that contain your Founders Key(s) and Bark NFTs to ImmutableX (IMX) in order to receive:

  • Your Project Kyzen mint pass and mystery box items
  • Your Merry Modz Bark NFT from the 2021 Bark decorating experience, as we move these NFTs from the Polygon network to IMX

Use our IMX registration shortcut — https://imx-register.founderskey.io/

For more detailed information on connecting to IMX, check out the wiki: https://wiki.founderskey.io/walkthroughs/connecting-your-wallet-to-imx



  • Be sure to grab your festive sweaters and party tickets from November 11!
  • If you’re heading to the party you’ll be able to purchase ugly sweaters and other exclusive Merch on the day, but supplies will be limited!
  • Head over to Discord for the website link!

And you can always learn more about Merry Modz and the party in the Wiki.

Remember, 2022 is the year of the villain! Join Tom Bilyeu and Francisco Herrera on Tuesday November 15 at 12:30PM (PT) as Krampus arrives…

The only way to get your brand new KRAMPUS NFT is to burn three Barks that were minted during the 2021 Bark Decorating experience.

If you don’t have the three Bark NFTs to burn in order to get your Krampus NFT, you can pick them up on the secondary market. Don’t miss out on the Bark Burn and Trade experience and join in the year of the Villian!




Say hello to Judge #3 — Grammy Award-winning producer, executive, entrepreneur, global TV personality — RANDY JACKSON!

ITU delivers additional value for our ITFK holders:

  • Legendary and Heroic Founders Key holders get free access
  • Relentless Key holders get 50% off their ITU subscription

Redeem your access to ITU using your Founders Key here.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Access To When You Join ITU Today!

  • A Library Of Over 50 Lessons And Courses With More Than 100 Hours Of Structured Training
  • Four LIVE Q&A Sessions With Tom Every Month
  • A Supportive Community Of Over 2,000 Impactivists To Help You Reach Your Goal
  • Access To The Community-Run Monthly Book Club
  • Accountability Groups To Help You Stay Motivated & On Track
  • Executive summaries for every class
  • Digital workbooks and assignments to help take the learnings and apply it into your daily life.

Check out the bounty-postings Discord channel for full information on how to apply to be selected for the bounty. And be sure to subscribe to the TOM BILYEU ESPAÑOL YouTube channel — https://bit.ly/3TzDa2h — muchas gracias!

  • We love our fresh new looks at updated websites for founderskey.io AND for projectkyzen.io! We also released a sick new video to celebrate the Keys and where we’re going as a community. You can find it on the site and on our Twitter page — it’s awesome and visually represents the scope of the #FoundersKeys. Be sure to check it out and share it! Our Impact-ful sites keep drawing more and more visitors — grab some friends and come play at Discord and ITU and across social.

We want to engage you, the members of our Spanish-speaking community (@Español / @Pulse Contributors), to help spread the word. We are announcing a reward for someone to write an article in Spanish that will appear on the ITFK blog, with a focus on empowerment and how Tom and Impact Theory have helped you along your self-development journey.


The Miracle Morning x Impact Theory

Impact Theory is partnering with Hal Elrod and Miracle Morning

As part of our partnership we have been given Founders Key Holders an exclusive and free viewing of The Miracle Morning documentary.

In order to ensure that every key holder in our community is able to watch The Miracle Morning documentary we will keep this special link in the Miracle Morning x Impact Theory channel located in the discord from November 7, 2022 at 12:00 pm pdt- November 11, 2022 at 12:00 pm pdt.

We encourage everyone to check out the Miracle Morning Forum in the discord as well to join in the conversation.This forum will enable our community to share our thoughts, feelings and questions about the Miracle Morning Documentary as if we are all watching it together.

For more information about Hal Elrod check out his interview with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory here.

INFINITE OBJECTS collectible displays free your videos and NFTs from our phones and laptops! They have no buttons, apps or connectivity and bring scarcity and value to video content in the real world for the first time! Legendary and Heroic keyholders receive 25% off all products by heading over to www.founderskey.io/perks. Unleash your NFTs today!

Perk Recap


Cryptoys signals a new era for toys, collectibles and games, where possibilities are limitless and unrestricted by the physical limitations of normal toys! This is an NFT-native digital toy company that connects people around the world and reimagines what’s possible when it comes to toys, collectives and gaming.

As part of our Impact Theory and Cryptoys partnership we were offered access to the Cryptoys Beta and a chance for 3 of our community members to win a Masters of The Universe Cube. TBA soon!

The Masters of the Universe drop took place on November 9, 2022 at 9:00 AM PDT.

If you missed out on The Platform event with Will Weinraub, Founder and CEO of Cryptoys check it out in the wiki recordings!


Rafi Anteby, Founder of Rafi Lounge joined us for another episode of The Platform this week to talk about the Rafi Lounge NFT. Rafi is a former Israeli Lieutenant who became a Daoist Monk & Master of Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qi Gong | Mandala Artist. Rafi Lounge is bringing together the community of Web3 and offering a common ground where you can network, join Web3 events, work in like-minded coworking spaces all while focusing on your wellness and mental wellbeing. Both digitally (with Mindful NFT) and IRL.

As part of the Rafi Lounge and Impact Theory partnership, Rafi has extended exclusive whitelist opportunities to our Legendary and Heroic Keyholders. The mint is to take place on November 11, 2022. For more information check out the Rafi’s lounge x Impact Theory channel in discord and tune into the recording from The Platform!


Calling all Super Heroes!

Want to know YOUR superhero archetype?

Take Lisa’ quick quiz here to find out!!


WOMEN OF IMPACT podcast has joined the GrowthDay Podcast Network.

Lisa’s homie, the incredible entrepreneur and the worlds #1 high performance-coach Brendon Burchard, has created an incredible network of the most inspiring women and men in the world, including past Women of Impact guests like Bossbabe’s Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty, as well as Lori Harder, the host of the epic podcast Earn Your Happy!

And if you haven’t listened to WOMEN OF IMPACT in a while, GET AFTER IT!! We have had some incredible episodes lately with some of your all time favorite guests like Mel Robbins, Mathew Hussey and Melissa Urban! So if you want to learn to SET BOUNDARIES, stand up for yourself, STOP being manipulated, DESTROY insecurities, and become the badass YOU want to become, Women of Impact is the show for you!. Our mission is to empower you and others to recognize that you really can become the hero of your own life!

Please check out WOMEN OF IMPACT, NOW available on the GrowthDay Podcast Network! To listen & subscribe, go to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/women-of-impact/id1435217865

Lisa’s FREE Workshop gives you the steps to take toward self-care and self-empowerment. Check out the “4 Steps to Build Confidence.” Click here !


Head on over to Twitter (Impact Theory, Project Kyzen, and Founders Key) or our Discord server to ensure you’re up to date. Follow @lisabilyeu & @tombilyeu on Instagram!

ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of @impact_theory.

We are the new House of Ideas. Grab a Key and open the door.



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