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Project Kyzen: A New Era in Entertainment is coming!

Founders Key
4 min readFeb 10


Get ready for an immersive experience like no other! Kyzen is set to revolutionize the world of entertainment by taking it beyond your screen. With a dynamic and constantly evolving platform, you’ll never get bored.

Your very own Kyzen avatar will serve as your virtual representation in a world of possibilities. The modular design allows for new items, spaces, and teleport destinations to be added over several releases. In the first phase, the focus is on storytelling and the avatar creation engine, but as the platform evolves over several phases, so too will the stories, mechanics, and partnerships.

We are on track to launch Phase 1 of Project Kyzen in February, and yesterday held a focus group with five Legendary keyholders. One participant told the community said, “We were all happy with it but glad you [Tom] are saying that it [releases] in phases, don’t think you are jumping into the entire experience. We were all very impressed and happy to be a part of it.” This highlights the uniqueness of the modular design of Kyzen, which allows you access to get hands-on whilst we’re still building future releases!

In untimely news, we want to inform you that we have been cooperating with the Enforcement Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission and are awaiting information on their position related to our projects to date. Depending on the information that we receive from SEC staff later this month, we may have to delay our launch until we get further clarity. We are currently planning to launch as scheduled this month.

If there are delays, we will look for ways to let more people test out the experience and see all that we have created so far. [NOTE: see update below regarding the rest of this paragraph] For now, mark your calendars! The wallet snapshot to identify who has an ITFK takes place on February 14, 2023, between 12:00 a.m. to 2 a.m. PT. This is a crucial step in our plan to distribute the highly coveted Kyzen mint pass airdrop.

UPDATESince this blog was posted, we have decided to delay the wallet snapshot and Kyzen Mint Pass airdrops for a later date. We will provide another update on timing once we have more clarity.

Here’s what you need to know: in order to receive your Kyzen mint pass airdrop, your ITFK must be connected to IMX. We cannot guarantee that any ITFKs purchased during the snapshot window will be included in the snapshot.

No matter what happens, we’re excited for you to get ready to step into a borderless world of entertainment with Kyzen. The future of entertainment is here, and the sky’s the limit!

Walking Challenge moved to March!

Although the advertised walking challenge was due to launch soon, we have made the tough decision to delay the Walk the Walk Challenge until March due to the planned February launch of Kyzen. This is to ensure we don’t dilute our messaging and so that no announcements get lost in the exciting noise. We want everyone 100% clear on what they need to do to get ready!

Don’t worry, it will happen — so get those walking shoes laced up and ready!

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