Feelin’ Great in the Sunshine State

Our quarterly Legendary dinner hits Orlando for some steak and some sizzle.

While in Orlando, Tom participated in the FUNNEL HACKING LIVE conference, as Impact Theory seeks to continue growing the quality & quantity of its cherished Community relationships.

Are YOU braced for Impact? Here is your latest and greatest across the ecosystem:

All of your answers all in one place! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about everything we’ve got going on at Impact Theory. The first section of the Founders Key Wiki is now LIVE, giving you more insights into the Founders Keys, what the symbols mean, the keys’ utility, and FAQs.

We’ve recently added the Merry Modz section, so be sure to check out the latest festivities relating to the Song Contest and the upcoming Christmas Party! We’ll continue adding to the Wiki, so be sure to check back anytime you have a question. This will be the single source of truth for all IT projects, as well as the IP we have in development, and so much more!

And Q&As from the many Tom Discord calls are gonna get put up in the Wiki ASAP — promise!


Want to check out more art & outfits? Our sticker book has bios and details for over a dozen character outfits, with new ones rolling out weekly. We call it our “sticker book,” but you can think of it as your virtual closet for your collectible outfits!

We’ve recently named some great characters thanks to you all, and there will be more to come! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the process.

Click on this link https://projectkyzen.io/stickerbook to find many new outfits rolling out soon… and be legendary!

As always, to keep on getting the full Kyzen scoop, head over to ProjectKyzen.io or the Kyzen Wiki, or visit Discord to explore our Lore Brief to learn all about the Array.


The Merry Modz Christmas Song Contest is OPEN, so get in the winter spirit this fall. With a prize-winning song — the writer gets… $100,000!

And remember, 2022 is the year of the villain…Krampus! The only way to get your Krampus NFT is to burn 3 Barks that were minted during the 2021 Bark Decorating experience. Stay tuned for more info coming this holiday season!


  • More details are coming soon, but if you own a Merry Modz NFT then you’ll get into the party for free!
  • Check out the new Merry Modz section of the Wiki.


Lisa wants you to live the life YOU are capable of living! She offers an amazing empowering Radical Confidence Course. And, as a first FREE step — check out the FREE NEW Workshop called “4 Steps to Build Confidence.” Click here !

ITU delivers additional value for our ITFK holders:

  • Legendary and Heroic Founders Key holders get free access
  • Relentless Key holders get 50% off their ITU subscription

Redeem your access to ITU using your Founders Key here.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Access To When You Join ITU Today!

  • A Library Of Over 50 Lessons And Courses With More Than 100 Hours Of Structured Training
  • Four LIVE Q&A Sessions With Tom Every Month
  • A Supportive Community Of Over 2,000 Impactivists To Help You Reach Your Goal
  • Access To The Community-Run Monthly Book Club
  • Accountability Groups To Help You Stay Motivated & On Track
  • Executive summaries for every class
  • Digital workbooks and assignments to help take the learnings and apply it into your daily life.

Check out the bounty-postings Discord channel for full information on how to apply to be selected for the bounty. And be sure to subscribe to the TOM BILYEU ESPAÑOL YouTube channel — https://bit.ly/3TzDa2h — muchas gracias!

  • We love our fresh new looks at updated websites for founderskey.io AND for projectkyzen.io! We also released a sick new video to celebrate the Keys and where we’re going as a community. You can find it on the site and on our Twitter page — it’s awesome and visually represents the scope of the #FoundersKeys. Be sure to check it out and share it! Our Impact-ful sites keep drawing more and more visitors — grab some friends and come play at Discord and ITU and across social.

We want to engage you, the members of our Spanish-speaking community (@Español / @Pulse Contributors), to help spread the word. We are announcing a reward for someone to write an article in Spanish that will appear on the ITFK blog, with a focus on empowerment and how Tom and Impact Theory have helped you along your self-development journey.

Unlock Your Perks

For Legendary and Heroic Keyholders — Heavy Metal will include the Neon Future Collectors Edition Cover 319 featuring Steve Aoki for FREE! You do NOT want to miss out on this epicness. Keyholders can also have a free 3-month Subscription of the Metal+ NFT Magazine and 20% off NFT Annual subscription.

Last week we had the founder of Mod Bikes on The Platform. You can check out the recording in our discord if you missed out on the event. They are offering Stand Up Paddle Boards for Heroic and Legendary Keyholders with the first 10 Mod Bike purchases. They are also offering everyone this perk reaches a free Mod Bag attachment with every Mod Bike Purchase.

Reach out to the community management team today for your code!


Melon Minds

Miriam Haart is a recent engineering graduate from Stanford University as well as a past teacher in the Department of Computer Science. She has built over 10 iOS compatible apps and recently started developing in Web3. Miriam also stars in the award-nominated hit Neftlix series, “My Unorthodox Life” and is also the host of Faking It, a podcast focused on empowerment.

Her session titled “Why Faking It … Is A Good thing” covered her experience growing up, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. There are some great nuggets of info for everyone to learn from!

If you missed it, check out the recording in the Impact Theory Discord.

Head on over to Twitter (Impact Theory, Project Kyzen, and Founders Key) or our Discord server to ensure you’re up to date. Follow @lisabilyeu & @tombilyeu on Instagram!

ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of @impact_theory.

We are the new House of Ideas. Grab a Key and open the door.



Official account for the Founders Key by Tom Bilyeu. ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of Impact Theory. We are the new House of Ideas. Open the door.

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Founders Key

Official account for the Founders Key by Tom Bilyeu. ITFK is an NFT that unlocks the future of Impact Theory. We are the new House of Ideas. Open the door.