Blockchain Technology and Gaming: A Revolution in the making!

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3 min readFeb 17


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Gaming has come a long way since the old days of popping coins into arcade machines. Today it is a massive industry worth billions of dollars, and everyone from your grandma to your neighbor’s dog loves playing games. But with the rise of blockchain technology, we could be looking at a whole new way of gaming that could change things forever!

The coolest thing about blockchain is that it could let players own their in-game stuff for real, like their weapons or skins. Right now, most of these things are actually owned by the game developers, and players are just renting them. This means that if a developer wants to take something away, they can, and you can’t sell it or trade it for cash. But with blockchain, developers can create unique, unduplicatable digital assets that players can really own, trade, and sell. Finally, you’d have real digital ownership of the things you’ve earned in the game!

Ownership of digital assets is important for another reason, too. In most games, the game economy is totally controlled by the developers, which means that players have no control over how valuable things are. But with blockchain games, the players get to control the whole economy, and can set fair market value for the items they’re trading, which is pretty amazing.

Blockchain games could change everything about the way we play games, but there are some challenges, too. Blockchain can be slow and expensive, which makes it tough to make big games. And it’s a new technology, so there are still many technical problems that need to be fixed. However, companies like Immutable have taken on the challenge of creating scaling solutions that enable free minting and transactions, frictionless gaming experiences, and that maximize demand for your assets — all backed by the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

The intersection of blockchain and gaming is creating an entirely new form of entertainment that is going to blow people’s minds. We at Impact Theory call it Borderless Entertainment! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be digging into what Borderless Entertainment is and what it means for you!

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